The Banyan Tree coffee table is an innovative piece of furniture with a modern and minimalist design. In fact, it has been named one of “cute” because of the resemblance of design between to a bamboo mat. The coffee table was the creation of Korean designers Je Hyo Chang and Hyunjin Kim of the firm GKids. It dates back to 2013 and it’s a 48×24? piece of furniture.The Banyan Tree coffee table is the result of that. It sits on a simple, common coffee table. It features elegant lines and an overall simple design.The Banyan Tree coffee table can be bought at the price of $170.00. It’s both stylish and functional.

The Banyan Tree features clean, minimalist lines and it features a natural look. This makes it great for modern homes. The overall dimensions of the Banyan Tree coffee table are 49? in diameter and 15? high while the height dimension is 18? in order to fit in most small spaces. It’s a very simple piece of furniture. The top of the coffee table is made of solid wood with a warm oak finish. It has a free-standing structure with a tapering base and it’s a great piece of furniture for the living room.

Unique Coffee Table Design Photo 2