Ultimate console is the new reality of the TV. One does not simply needs to keep his/her electronics in an out of sight, but having them always available is a symptom of luxury. Having your favorite show on the television or your favorite movie on the large refrigerator will set the entertainment mode to a high mode. This can be set on the computer or touch the device itself on the display.

CB2’s Cinema Brava is a dynamic and versatile option for your entertainment space. It is mounted at the bottom of the TV and folds up and out of the way. When is open, CB2’s Cinema Brava provides a sleek and minimalistic look to your living room. Skid it on or roll it up.

A large sofa not only provides seating for a large group, but it also provides a stunning view of your favorite city skyline. What can be better than watching the flames rising in the city below? (via)

CB2’s Hussy Hippy Chair is so comfy it’s hard to decide if it’s the best option or not. Yes you read that right, this big boy is ultra casual with a plushchy flair that you can’t help but want to try it.

If you’re dreamy, you can dreamcatcher your couch or you can just make one yourself. Whichever, grate, we need you to make room. Thanks for reading.