Before we get too close to nature, we must first get a glimpse of what it means to live in a bubble surrounded by clouds. This small apartment is located in Toronto, in a community known for its underground culture and climate. However, this space doesn’t seem like a unique home for the eco-conscious. It’s actually a very busy office in a building that includes a conference center and the general space of NYU’s Art Centre. Here you can find the designers’ studio in the ground floor and a series of offices.

Although it doesn’t seem like a very inspiring space, the interior is actually how it looks like. The designers had to create something original as a matter of fact. They used discarded materials and transformed them into the raw material they needed to use when building this unusual space. The prototype was completed in July 2014.

The most inspiring space would have to be the meeting room. It’s designed with large, black and white biodegradable chairs and there’s also a very relaxing meeting area. The diffuse light made it difficult to tell where the space starts from and you can’t really gauge the difference between it and the living space.

Rustic Office Decor With Shabby Chic Charm Photo 3

As it turns out, being creative means being original and wanting to change the way you think and feel. There’s no better opportunity for that than this office. We can’t wait to see how the space will look like once the project is complete.

25. A bunch of inspired bathroom innovations

When we talk about bathrooms, the topic of interest always tends to change. The subject that we’re focusing on today is the sink. You probably have plenty of ideas for how to make your bathroom unique and interesting. We’ve made a selection of sinks which we hope can be of some inspiration for those searching for new bathroom ideas.

A wall-mounted stock tank is a nice idea if you’re the type that likes to have a sink built into a wall. You can have the sink framed and personalized in a lot of different ways.

Towel bars are really fun to look at and super practical at the same time. We’re describing here a minimalist design which can be installed using the Jigsaw programming puzzle. Check out instructables to find out the details of this simple but super cool project.

Remember the bathtub we mentioned earlier? Here’s another one. This time it’s a sink with a solid frame, meaning that the tub is sandwiched between two sections of furniture (or little pieces) just like a regular sofa in the living room. You can find the plans for it on instructables.

You can also make use of this idea if you want to build a small wall divider. Two kitchen islands linked by a cabinet/ closets, a piece of furniture which goes beyond the kitchen and therefore also doubles as a space-saver in a home with small rooms. The design is simple and stylish, with clear glass for the frame and classy and neutral colors. Find out more details on instructables.

When there’s little space to work with, you have to be creative and to find ways to overcome the challenges. Let’s say you’re living in a small apartment. A ladder can work just fine. You can even use it to hang your clothes and accessories.

Another very useful idea which is incorporated into this design is that the kitchen island can double as a bar or as a small dining table. This is useful when the kitchen is not really small or if you don’t have room for a big table but you still want to be able to enjoy it as a sitting area.