When looking for bedroom furniture to decorate our homes we often get confused by the lack of space. The bed takes up most of the room so we have to make sure that we find a solution for that. Of course, the usual solutions would be to find a very comfortable bed and a design that fits in the room. But finding the right furniture is always a challenge.

When looking at this beautiful bedroom furniture collection called “Npress”, it becomes apparent that the furniture is not ordinary. The collection is created by Leander-Caldy and it’s a very interesting approach. The pieces are crafted using traditional silk shades from the Far Southeast which have been hand woven together. These elements are combined with a unique woven weave and the result is an overall very elegant, stylish and nonetheless casual design.

Nice Bedroom Furniture By Leander-Caldy Photo 2

Npress is a series of compact pieces which can be used either as bedroom furniture of sofa, bed or cabinet. Each piece has its own place in the bedroom and each one can be viewed as an object or a support system for the other ones. It’s a collection that invites the user to get creative and to use it in surprising ways. One minute it might be serving you that you need it on your own, for simple peace and quiet, then you’ll need your partner for a very long nap. Or, like in these examples, you can use it to suddenly transform your bedroom into a professional or personal space with little effort. Each individual piece is unique and one more one will means infinite more opportunities.