Swedish interior designers and architects often use colors, textures and fabrics inspired by nature or by other cultures. They create a balanced and harmonious environment and they manage to create a unique and elegant look.

This bedroom is the perfect example. It has a very light and simple interior and it’s also very chic and stylish. The color palette chosen includes natural shades of brown combined with turquoise and white accents. Some of the accent pieces are small and include glass surfaces, mirrors and simple and elegant details. They are all very well integrated into the décor and they look like natural additions.

As you can see, the bedroom is very cozy and relaxing. It’s a perfect getaway place where its owners can relax and unhindered by bad weather. The interior design is simple and luxurious. The color palette chosen includes mostly neutral and warm tones of brown with turquoise and beige accents. In the bedroom there’s also a 4-month old baby girl’s crib that matches the other bedroom pieces perfectly. The rest of the décor is a combination of vintage and modern.