We decided to present you some pictures of our Ikea bedroom design ideas. The bedroom should be the perfect place to relax, with everything you need in one place. The furniture needs to be simple and yet comfortable. Also, the accessories for this room should be small and chic. Probably the first things that start making a difference are the light fixtures and the bed or beds.

A simple comfy bed would be the centerpiece of this room. If you have a large bedroom then you have the freedom to choose whichever bed you like. Also, the combination of color contrasts is very refreshing. The black and white is always a beautiful choice but it all depends on the other details. A child’s bedroom could benefit from something like that. The combination of yellow and gray is also chic.

Ikea Bedroom Design Ideas Photo 2

The bedroom is also where the night stand is located. The bed, in this case, is placed near the floor and doubles as a storage space. Also, since it’s placed near the floor, there’s no need for a nightstand and cabinets can be used without any barriers. The combination of white and gray is elegant and the black and white is a nice equalizer.

Ikea Bedroom Design Ideas Photo 3

Since it’s a bedroom, the bed needed to have a simple and comfortable design and shape and, in this case, the design doesn’t particularly suffer from contrast. It’s still some gray and white shades appear on the bed which is a nice detail. The color palette for the whole room is mostly neutral tones that can be easily replaced with something more colorful.