The days are closer and closer and autumn will be here in the United States. That’s why we decided to create a special section for fall. This particular section includes all the rooms of the house, but also the outdoor areas like the patio or the terrace. The key idea was creating a home that would make a big difference during this season.

The first step was to consolidate the house and to modify the layout. The walls and the roof were replaced and lots of changes were made. Also, lots of new materials had to be used. As for the interior design, it’s more modern and colorful. It’s the perfect home for this season. Even though it was reconstructed, it still feels like a part of the original house.

Boho Living Room Ideas For Fall Photo 2

The owners, Stanislav and Martina were very happy with the new look. They added lots of colors involved and they also reorganized the room. The sofa was moved to the left, the dining room to the right and the kitchen is at the right. The dining room features two small pendant lamps on top of the table that almost look like pine cones. The kitchen has a white marble island, stainless steel appliances and brown wooden furniture. The kitchen is opened to the dining area. The living room is modern but also cozy.

Boho Living Room Ideas For Fall Photo 3

The living room is also organized around a fireplace. There’s also a gallery hallway that links all the rooms. As you can see, the interior décor is very playful. In the living room, there’s a cozy oval chaise chair near the windows. On the hallway there’s a chest of drawers. It’s a nice combination of the old and the new.{found on 1st-option}

Boho Living Room Ideas For Fall Photo 4