Kids love geodes. They are usually not so fond of the salty air or the rainy and muddy world. They prefer the sweet and salty air of the sea or the sweet sight of the land. They are also sometimes of strange shape because they get familiar with the natural shapes of the geodes. They also like the sweet shapes of various sized and shapes because it is the salty air that they love so much.

A geode child is very lucky, because they have already heard the name and can choose the shape of a favourite geode. These geodes are usually very small and made of wood, so they are totally natural and safe. You can also leave them as such without the sign of warping and replace them with funny animals like the okan (rice bird) or maybe just some birds that love bananas.

Geode Coaster For Kids Photo 2

Sometimes the kids use them as ornaments for the birthday tree and this is why they are so grateful for this gift. If you ask them afterwards they will love the interesting shape of a banana and maybe even become interested in eating the delicious fruits or the sticky fruit or maybe the banana shaped cake or even the pillowcases that look like bananas.

Some of the kids love rain and I can remember the moment when I was a little girl. I remember that I used to make some imaginary imaginary rain balls and my mother used to read some stories with this delightful object built inside like a geode.