You probably noticed that lately leather furniture has started to be popular. It used to be more hard to find leather pieces that could match or complement the other ones. Nowadays the trend is to find simple and stylish pieces and to opt for low-profile chairs and tables that can easily fit into almost any type of home. The No Rain/Stirrup floor collection is just the thing you need for the bathroom.

The collection includes three pieces. There’s the sofa, there’s the chair and there’s the table. The sofa is covered with natural sheepskin made from isolated suede. It features an unusual design but it’s actually comfortable and good-looking. The chairs are the same. They have a simple and modern look, with a low-profile and square-shaped structure and an interesting base. Even though they look similar they probably have major differences.

This is an example of an elegant piece of furniture that manages to stay casual and elegant. Moreover, it’s one of the few leather furniture pieces that present this great advantage. This particular type of leather is better suited for the bathroom because of all the moisture. It doesn’t damage the furniture and it improves the surface ad durability. The table and chair are very versatile pieces and they can be used in the living room or in the bedroom. Their stylish design also allows them to be used in a variety of other décor.