Having a very friendly and bright kitchen is a real pleasure. When the kitchen is fully decorated and the tiles and appliances are in perfect order, everything seems to be OK and everyone feels at home. The living room is also very bright. It has white walls and floor with a very nice design combining elements of traditional and modern like the framed pictures on the walls with the modern lamp and the cushions.

The Chinese dining room, as the name suggests, is an elegant and delicate room. The table is very stylish and colorful. The bench that seems to be pebble-shaped seems to hide the floor from the rest of the room. The kitchen is very simple and the main colors sued for this space are white and wood. The floor and the ceiling are covered with wood panels, which provides a warm feeling to the entire space.

Chinese Dining Room By Korea Bedai Photo 2

Just like the living room, the bedroom is also very simple and bright. It has white walls and floor and the headboard serves as a wall decoration. The light is subtle and the whole room seems to be gently illuminated. This seems like a peaceful and calm atmosphere, a place where you can go to get some peace and quiet. It seems like a quiet retreat, a rejuvenated space where you can go to recharge your batteries.{found on Daisuke}