Architecture Ideas Worth Sharing

Big Floor Tiles By Joris Laarman

In Dutch photographer Joema Rijckedahl, 36, designers at Joris Laarman created a tile collection to suit the needs of urbanites. Currently exhibiting at the Luke Gallery in London, the tiles feature an innovative design with a light-touch surface that allows […]

Concrete Bathroom Flooring

When we think of concrete, we might think of rough, wood or even cold colors. Concrete is a soft, beautiful color and its presence is very original. Because concrete is a durable material, it can be used for all sorts […]

1950s Kitchens With A Playful Twist

Choosing a color theme for the kitchen (or any room!) can be tricky. Sometimes we feel that the kitchen is just too “stylish” for color, while other times we are simply looking for a reminder of the good taste that […]

Boho Living Room Ideas For Fall

The days are closer and closer and autumn will be here in the United States. That’s why we decided to create a special section for fall. This particular section includes all the rooms of the house, but also the outdoor […]

Geode Coaster For Kids

Kids love geodes. They are usually not so fond of the salty air or the rainy and muddy world. They prefer the sweet and salty air of the sea or the sweet sight of the land. They are also sometimes […]