The coconut chair has a very interesting structure. It’s a typical handbag rack object, very useful in the house. This particular piece was designed by Paola Bagna for Crochet and it’s made of recycled soft mering iratiles with 80mm inflatable cocoon padding. It’s the perfect thing to have around the house when guests come over and when you have lots of chichones to work on.The cocoon Pad is very helpful. It allows you to secure the items you need with pins and it also looks pretty interesting.Pin the item, so it does not slip away.

The Pin cushion is great for the playroom. It can be used as a footstool or as an extra seat in the child’s playroom. It’s made of 100% recycled plastic, so it’s also green and eco-friendly. The cushions are handcrafted and it might not be as comfortable as the usual ones, so it’s worth having one in the house.

The pin cushion was designed to be used only during the school holidays. Due to its design, it’s also the perfect decoration for the entrance hall, entrance door, etc. It might be a little annoying spending time when you have to do that and then take another piece of toiletry and repeat the process. So be careful not to get caught sleeping in a strange chair.