Bella van Duin, a Dutch designer, has created a new variety of unique terrariums that can be used to decorate your home. Your terrarium can be as small or as big as you want, it all depends on your space and what shape you want to use. Beside choosing a planter, you have to decide on what kind of support you want. With a glass container, wooden lid or metal, the size of the planter will depend on the size of the glass but also on the surface you want to use.

The small planters are great for tiny succulents, as they have the perfect dimensions for they are. You can plant this size of planter basically anywhere you want, as the shape and size are not as important as the size of the container. For big plants you can choose any nice place that you can find and that will fit your terrarium. The planters are made of wood and have many layers, each of it protecting the soil from too much water. They have a nice and shiny surface and help creating a nice, shiny base for the plants.