Architecture Ideas Worth Sharing

Steampunk Home Decor Made With Mirrors

This steampunk inspired decor is located in London and it’s a very beautiful combination of styles. It’s actually a century old Victorian home and it has been recently renovated and redesigned. It was a project by Helen Wilson Architects and […]

Unique Terrariums From Becherer

Bella van Duin, a Dutch designer, has created a new variety of unique terrariums that can be used to decorate your home. Your terrarium can be as small or as big as you want, it all depends on your space […]

Yellow’s Complementary Color: RedDuke

It’s interesting when two colors are found in the same color family. For example, when red and yellow are used together, they complement each other and the décor becomes monochromatic. There are several similarities between these two colors. Red, for […]

Modern Bookshelves By LaSTelle

Designer Jean-Marie Massaud has designed the Blaise bookshelf. This beautiful design, using vertical and horizontal stacked forms, creates a light tone that is further enhanced by the subtle glow of LEDs that form the shelves, making the shelves a true […]