It’s interesting when two colors are found in the same color family. For example, when red and yellow are used together, they complement each other and the décor becomes monochromatic. There are several similarities between these two colors. Red, for example, is color of the night. It’s relaxing and warm. Yellow, on the other hand, is a bit sunny and cheerful. So they go quite well together even when they contrast greatly.

Red and yellow goes really well together. Here are some examples of how you can successfully integrate them into a home. In the case of the living room, it’s nice to have coordinating colors for the walls and for the floor. This way the décor remains cohesive and the focus is on the colors. In this case, for example, green and red were used for similar shades and complemented by some blue accents and some natural wood.

This is a living room that shares the colors of the red and yellow with the green and blue and also has a few accents of black. For example, it has some nice black dresser drawers that help create a monochromatic look. As for the sofa, it might have some black cushions that create an interesting contrast. Throughout the room there are all sorts of colorful little details that make the décor stand out. Some of them are red while others are black or white. Also, notice that since the living room is a colorful space, the black and white wallpapers are a little disturbing but not necessarily difficult to integrate into the décor.{found on VintageHarmony}.