How would you like to feature a new family photo in your home this Christmas? Perhaps a family snap would be better suited for the holidays. To make a photo frame you need a few supplies like a photo frame, some acrylic paint and a paint brush. The frame can feature any shape or size that you want. Its overall dimensions should be the shape of your photo.

Start by painting the frame. Use either acrylic paint or a soft brush. Let it dry and then start on the back of the frame. Apply two more coats of paint and then, at the end, add the details. If you want, you can also use tape to create a pattern or a special design. Then use a stencil and a water soluble adhesive.{found on jewishhilldesign}.

Picture Frame Crafts – Wall Art For Christmas Photo 2

If you want, you can also paint a frame. First you’ll need to apply two coats of white paint. Let it dry and then use tape to create a pattern. After that, simply add the details. You can use paint in different colors to match the photo.{found on site}.

This is a similar project. The dimensions of the photo frame are also variable. Usually, the dimensions of the photo are exactly either 16” x 20” or 17” x 17”. It all depends on the size of the photo. You should first iron the frame before using it.{found on pagehoneycomb}.

You can also use a frame design and decorative paper to create a mirror image of your choice. It’s a nice alternative to a photo frame. You just need to add a mirror to the back of the photo holder.{found on iheartorganizing}.

If you prefer something a little more traditional, this mirror-photo frame would be a beautiful addition to the décor. To make a similar one you’ll need a piece of particle board, a mirror, a backing paper and some scrapbook paper/ ribbon. Cut the backing paper to the length of the frame and then cut out the shape of the mirror and mount it on the wall with the backing paper. Use a jewel punch to make the bow and then glue the ribbon at the top.{found on theharpsterhome}.

This is a similar project but using a thick picture frame. You’ll have to score the back of the photo frame on the wall and then bighten the edges with a nail. Then cover the frame with an art piece and let it dry.{found on theharpsterhome}.

If you prefer something cheerful and colorful, you can use ribbon. Glue one end of the ribbon to the back of the frame and repeat for the other end. Then attach a photo frame to the other portion of the room and you’re done.{found on theharpsterhome}.

This is a similar technique. For this one you’ll need fabric, an existing frame, spray adhesive, a glue gun, a piece of poster board and some clips. Cut out two squares of fabric and place them on each side of the frame. Then attach the poster board to each side and you’re done.{found on theharpsterhome}.

If you prefer something even simpler and smaller, then the project described on ourhopefulhome might be just what you’re looking for. To make a similar one you’ll need a frame, a wooden support structure, some paint,raft hoops, shoji screens, lacquer detail paint, a saw and a drill. Cut out the two pieces of wood and drill holes in their ends. Remove the metal hoops and put together the frame and the back pieces of the poster board. Then stain them and enjoy.{found on theharpsterhome}.

This project is similar but the design is a little different. We found this idea on theshabbycreekcottage. All you need for this is a large frame, matte finish spray paint and a small tree trunk or a vase. Use tree trunk pieces to make two stripes and attach them to the frame with hooks. Then add the hooks which you’ll see on the bottom section of the poster.{found on theharpsterhome}.