Architecture Ideas Worth Sharing

Unusual Flatware Display Ideas

Everyone knows that the dinner table should be as simple as possible and as functional as possible. However, some people prefer having special and colorful items placed there but they also love to have some exchangeable storage areas either for […]

Diy Side Tables By Timo Wong

These interesting DIY side tables are fantastic DIY projects and they are also very functional. They might look like a word processing device but they can be safely used to make your own art. These side tables are simple and […]

Pallet Shoe Rack

You can find this item on theweb site and you may mistake it for a really nice vintage one. Actually it is a very good replica, being made of reclaimed wood. The shelf has no legs, but can be used […]

Antiqued Armoire By Giuseppe Bavuso

Found on Designboom, the Antiqued Armoire was created by Giuseppe Bavuso for Kantbott. This unique piece of furniture is a dynamic construction of angular shelves that twist and turn in intricate ways to display an impressive collection of paintings. Photos […]