These interesting DIY side tables are fantastic DIY projects and they are also very functional. They might look like a word processing device but they can be safely used to make your own art. These side tables are simple and they are of very interesting shape and color.

I must tell you that I like very much the round side tables that can be made of wood and carefully hidden into the floor or can be placed anywhere you want. These side tables are also a very good idea for the balcony as they are water resistant and nice to touch.

If you are interested in the whole concept behind this lovely side tables, you should know that they are made of recycled plastic bottles. Each side table is cut from the compartment in the bottle. The bottom compartment is an opening, but this time it is plastic, the hole is on the top and the function of the side table is to hide it. The bottles are painted in different colors for a more cheerful look.{found on howaboutorange}.

Diy Side Tables By Timo Wong Photo 3