Architecture Ideas Worth Sharing

Diy Side Table By Jean-Marie Massaud

The Diagonal Side Table is one of the most flexible and multifunctional pieces ever invented. It’s a part of the diagram of the Diagonal Cabinet and it’s a very elegant furniture piece that would look great just about anywhere. The […]

Diy Side Tables By Timo Wong

These interesting DIY side tables are fantastic DIY projects and they are also very functional. They might look like a word processing device but they can be safely used to make your own art. These side tables are simple and […]

Diy End Tables By Stanislav Ermolenko

These are not just end tables or storage units. They’re pieces of furniture that can also be regarded in a very interesting way. They are interesting in a very simple and unusual way. Common designs include two or more levels […]

Room Divider Design Ideas

The main problem with any room is storage. It’s why we need to carefully and wonderfully organize everything we have in that room. One way of dealing with that is to use room dividers. You can see how they help […]

Build Corner Shelves By Keikichi Torino

These unique bookshelves are perfect for those who like to keep their personal items well hidden and an elegant place to store them. Designed by Keikichi Torino this bookshelf is perfect for those who like to admire their books in […]