In modern homes an island can be a very useful and functional item. It provides extra space for meals, best for those who have the space for them. Also, it’s perfect for those who also have little things that they need to place near the entrance or in the kitchen, such as a fruit bowl or spice jar. But facing those items there can be a big problem. Sometimes people just forget how useful a kitchen island really is and they just look for another more efficient one. Today we’re going to take a look at some very beautiful and very interesting designs.

The Tri, like all the other pieces from the same family, has three slender stems or leafs that feature different colors and they can be placed or taken to the left or right to accommodate all sorts of items. The design is very clear and simple and the colors are also dark. The little red flags are a very nice detail that can be seen in red, white and blue.

Diy Small Tables By Marcantonio Raimondi Malerba Photo 2

The design of the Bon Bon table series can be adapted to all three colors. The three colors that can be used to form the table series are red, white and blue. The other seven colors are white, black, blue, anthracite, grey and pearl. This collection will hopefully be available in the Chinese and English version. If you’re interested in purchasing this piece, follow Lento.

The design of the Bon Bon table set is very simple. Most of the pieces have very clean and simple designs and they feature elegant curved lines. However, the overall image is somewhat skewed, as there are too many colors to pick from. Nevertheless, this only makes the table that much more interesting. The table would make a particularly nice addition to the dining room and it could also be adapted to other types of homes as well.