Architecture Ideas Worth Sharing

Warehouse Office Design By Michal Nowak

Located in Stockholm, Sweden, the Warehouse Office was designed by Michal Nowak. The space presents a series of panels with various forms resembling doors, allowing individuals to enter and leave the building at will. Worn and Worn by Michal Nowak: […]

Industrial Interior Design In Brazil

Inspired by a need to have a fresh perspective over dull interior appliances, the designer team at Buro Volataro created an inspiring, eclectic interior design using unconventional décor and a creative, artful synthesis of several, similar items. The home, located […]

Small Apartment Design In Brazil

The key for successful small apartment interior design is to be subtle and chic. Because you don’t want to expose yourself too much. You want your choices to be adaptable and to be able to complement each other. Usually that’s […]

Unique Coat Rack From Urban Peg

Peg is an innovative coat rack. It has a futuristic design and a very simple but also very eye-catching look. The Peg wall coat rack takes the standard coat hanger to a new level, allowing you to create a very […]

Stone Wall Designs And Patterns

stone walls have long been popular. In ancient times, the Egyptians used this material for their structures and this is proof for the fact that it is very versatile and can be used in various types of projects. The Egyptian, […]

Cinder Block Tables By Daniel Pouzet

These are not just any regular hardwood Christmas ornaments, because they are made of cinder blocks. And they are totally recyclable, conservationally made and natural. The innovative design of these tables and the perfect material for the promotion of the […]

Modern Basements Ideas With A Cabin Feel

Modern basement remodels are all the more attractive when they have an original design or uniqueness. Basements, even small basements, don’t usually have that much space that you can give to spare, and this is a problem, especially in the […]