Stelle Lomont Rouhani is a London-based design studio founded in 1994 and based in London. Its designs are characterized by flowing, unusual shapes, intriguing contrasts and harmonious details. One of the studio’s most talented designers is the artist Kristin Russel.

The end tables in the collection are impressive and many of them have wonderful designs, with shapes that would make them ideal for a modern or contemporary space. They feature sleek finishes and delicate lines and they impress with their unusual forms and interesting colors. The pieces are crafted of high-quality materials with attention and precision, they each have a unique look. They are the perfect choice for a modern or contemporary living room. Not all the pieces have designs such as these ones. They are unique and they also feature limited editions and special colors.

They were designed to be used in combination with the End Table Series. They have simple designs and functional structures. Also, they feature a variety of colors which allows them to be combined with all sorts of decors. Their simplicity makes them particularly versatile and versatile and they allow them to be incorporated in modern and contemporary as well as other types of spaces.

Diy End Tables By Kristin Russel For Stelle Lomont Rouhani Photo 3