Architecture Ideas Worth Sharing

Decorating Candle Jars With Sea Shells

It’s amazing how you can use decorative shells, figurines and other items for personal decoration. Sea shells can be very useful when it comes to creating a wreath. You can make a seashell wreath and it’s a very simple project. […]

Round Windows In A Home By Eric Degeny

This contemporary building is a 2012 project by Eric Degeny that is located in San Francisco, California, USA. It is a playful renovation of an historic Victorian building within a prestigious neighborhood. One of the most unusual features is the […]

Diy End Tables By Stanislav Ermolenko

These are not just end tables or storage units. They’re pieces of furniture that can also be regarded in a very interesting way. They are interesting in a very simple and unusual way. Common designs include two or more levels […]

Art Decoration Ideas That Are Real Gems

Jewels have always proven to be precious and beautiful. This makes them so attractive and appreciated. There’s a very large collection of them and they are all hanging in the walls. However, not everyone has enough imagination or creativity to […]

Baby Girl Bedding By Lullie Penguin

It’s always hard to choose the right art for decoration. And it’s even harder to choose the right design. But once you find the right piece and the right combination of colors, you like it, it’s going to be awesome. […]

Striped Armchair By Patricia Urquiola

The name is just a cover for the amazing armchair designed by Patricia Urquiola. The “Horizontal” armchair is the new face of the modular sofa system and the designer’s attention to details comes to the attention with the ingenious little […]

Baby Girl Bedding By Lonny

We all know how kids fancy the bed and we would love to improve and customize it and make it the perfect room for them. So it’s time to make this change. Good girls, good choices. The ballerina is an […]