Kids are never in the mood to stop playing. They always have their favorite hideaway place, an area where they can hide and play. As parents, we want them to have a special place in their home, one that will make them feel proud of their personal contribution to the home and of the other family members.

The “Osea Ocean” nursery room, in the exterior of the nursery room, plays with the image of the ocean and with the brightness of neon lights in the shiny orange and yellow color. It is a theme which encourages kids to be creative and imaginative, imagining how they can transform the space from a day when they were playing in the back of the house into a fantastic Easter holiday. The design is based on the idea of the theme “Osea plus Orient” and all the details and decorations are inspired by this concept.

The huge structure, upholstered in leather, transforms into the nursery room of the nursery. It has the same colors and patterns like the rest of the room, making it easy for the kids to transition from there to the rest of the room. The dimensions of the crib are 53.5 x 45 cm x 53.5 x 45 cm and it is made of birch wood.

So what do you say about this amazing and clever nursery room design? It really is fun and clever and the kids will have a great time imagining how they can change the place and how they can socialize when needed, but mostly I think this is a good idea, especially if your little girl is already a teenager and this wants to have somewhere to practice whenever she wants.