When you’re planning to remodel or update your home you need to come up with a new and original approach. You don’t necessarily have to replace everything and turn it all modern and new. You can simply make small changes and additions to transform the interior design. For example, you could just replace the lighting fixtures. The ones that you wear most often should get new accent pieces. You can buy new flooring, move furniture, paint the walls, add colorful accents. There are lots of ideas that you can use for this project.

Replacing the light fixtures.

For the first project we have selected a very simple idea. Replace the light bulbs with LED lights. This is a great idea if you don’t have one in the house or if the light fixtures are outdated or outdated. You can measure the windows, cut the light fixtures and mark a board where they can sit. Then buy new light bulbs and install them in the rooms.

The front door.

When planning the new look for your house you also need to decide on the front door. This is a decision to be taken based on several aspects. Decide if it’s really important for the door to be the center of attention or is it the shade you want to be facing? Also, think about the color of the doors. As you can see, blue is not the best choice for the front door simply because it clashes with the doors behind the fence and it gives a messy look.

Dealing with the clutter on the entryway.

Even though there’s a lot of furniture in the house, sometimes you should just rather hide all the clutter and make sure the areas are well-organized. This means having a desk, a wardrobe, hooks, shelves and all the other things that you normally keep on your entryway.

The entryway.

This is the area that creates the first impression of all the other rooms of the house. It’s a space designed for bringing in the friends and family, for those who want to spend time together and for the ones that enjoy sharing the space with others. It’s also where the first pictures are usually taken so it would be nice for everyone to be able to see them whenever they need to.

The living room.

The living room needs to be bright and filled with light. It’s why it’s good idea to use light colors such as white. However, not all the space needs to be large. You can also use mirrors and clever strategies to create the impression of a larger space. The living room is also a space where family members and friends usually gather to watch a movie or a TV show or to simply relax.

The staircase.

The staircase is a very important element in any home. We’re not talking just about stairs but about stairs and they play a very important role in the design of this space. The staircase can have a dramatic visual impact if it’s not directly adjacent to the staircase. It can either stand out dramaticly with its design or it can simply blend in, depending on the case. This area can also be very versatile and it can be used for extra storage.

The foyer.

The foyer can be a very busy area. It’s also a space that needs to be very clean and simple. It’s why it would be best to avoid making the room seem crowded and messy. Try to incorporate storage in the corner such as a small cabinet or a shelving unit. There’s also another option to take into consideration: creative storage solutions such as open shelves.

The bathroom.

Even though it might seem like the bathroom is not actually a part of the living room, it will probably stand out in the case of a more elegant décor that also includes the living room and some would even say even a hallway. The bathroom, in this case, can be a multipurpose space. It could be a laundry area, a guest room, the kids’ room and it can even be a home office.

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