The design of this house is the perfect example of the modern and comfortable house you can build in Texas without concrete frames or super perfect materials. This house has the expression of a perfect summer house, with a steel skin and a canopy roof, but also large windows and a segmented deck. The interior is adapted to the green environment of the surroundings, an ideal place to rest and enjoy the nature.

I couldn’t imagine a better place from the moment you see this house, with its perfect exterior and very inviting interior design. It is definitely the kind of house you want for you and your loved ones, because you can enjoy the adoring of the surrounding landscape.

Because of a construction that is located in a big city, the house has all in it, from the police station, to the garage, to the park, to the garden, to the swimming pool. In addition to a gorgeous landscape, the views of the city and the surrounding area are breathtaking. You will feel like on a huge boat going to the shore, with the city symbols one step ahead, and cannot believe that you are so near the shore.

Peaked Roof Structure On G2 Austin, Texas Photo 4