Architecture Ideas Worth Sharing

Hutch Cabinet By Keya Samana

The hutch cabinet is a very simple but also very beautiful piece of furniture. It’s a creation of the Spanish designer Keya Samana. It’s a very simple cabinet but the simplicity it displays is also very beautiful. Moreover, it has […]

Grey Wood Furniture By Inglis

The Inglis furniture for your home should be a clear distinction between what is being “arranged” versus something that is simply “placed” with no rhyme or reason. The inglis furniture should be clearly defined and photographed. The first thing you […]

Grey Wood Furniture By Alexander Rose Studio

Alexandra Luchian has created a gallery of contemporary wood furniture for Sicanni-based company Sicati Marcelli. In addition to the main structure that holds a piano, the company also created a modular system with various plug-in stations meant to simplify the […]

Mint Bedroom Furniture Collection

Baleisarda Mint is a line of bedroom furniture that can be a great source of inspiration for those looking to create a new and original bedroom. The collection includes a bed, a closet, a closet and an armoire. All the […]

Shelf Corner Makeover

After presenting several DIY bookshelves, most of which were made from old books, it’s time to take matters into your own hands and to try to use your imagination and creativity to create something beautiful for your home. Here’s a […]