There’s something about decorating a bedroom with a lighter color palette that automatically creates a calm, relaxing and inviting atmosphere. This is especially true in the case of the bedroom. But the colors found there can often be overwhelming, even if the décor is nice and simple. So here are some tips that might help you achieve a serene, beach-like look.

1. Use basic neutrals.

Neutral colors are very common in most modern and contemporary interior décor. They usually include shades of white, beige, gray and black with little variations. So use these colors as reference and try to avoid oversprinning the décor.

Pastel Bedroom Design Ideas With A Hint Of Bohemian Flair Photo 3

2. Contrast with the walls.

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The walls are an important part of any décor. They often play a very important role in the overall image the décor creates. So if you want to create a relaxing, calm and inviting ambiance, first make the walls their main attraction. Try to add a few bold shades of blue, green or yellow.

3. Clear the mind.

Try to clear your mind before you decorate. It will help you to better discern the colors and textures used in the room and they will definitely change the way the décor is perceived. It’s important to be subtle and elegant.

4. Add some freshness.

Maybe it’s time to get some new ideas on how to revive the room and make it feel like a fresh oasis. Try to get rid of anything that makes no sense and chaos while also adding freshness to the décor. The colors should be soothing and relaxing.

5. Create a nice and cozy ambiance.

The atmosphere needs to be cozy and inviting and it’s difficult to achieve that when you have very little furniture. The color palette is important but so is the way you choose the accessories. Here are a few suggestions.

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