Farmhouse style decor is the perfect touch when you think about giving your home that slice of the country that feels yet unfinished. The idea is easy to put together and has a warm, welcoming feel that is also friendly. With a few key elements you can achieve this look.

Embrace the Exterior

The most important element to the country style decorating is the exterior. Exterior decorating emphasizes the colors of the home and the style it encompasses. This means you want the home to feel as authentic as possible with the exterior view only. In the farmhouse decorating you want to stay away from big, statement pieces and to add a touch of woodland and nature.

Layered Webs

Brisbane residents have an innate knack for spending time indoors and laying down the supports for your building. This concept goes really well with country decorating especially as it works great with pastel colors and natural materials. Imagine taking all that lovely green and blue tile and laying it down below your heating and air conditioning units. The look is rustic and cozy.

Add In a Framed Wall

If you have a large home, consider having the windows put on something other than in heavy, thick frames. Rather than keeping them plain, pale blue or white, consider having rounded windows for a more personalized look. Make sure to leave space for a natural plant or branch to compliment the rest of the room.

Weave The Room With Wood

Wood represents the warm tones found in nature and its texture so naturally fitting for the country style decorating, you can use it in all your rooms without worry about getting too much into the knitting game. Nevertheless, if you do decide to have wood incorporated into your country decorating, make sure you use distressed wood in the details. The more eye-catching the better.

Contrast And Prints

Along with the country vibe, contrast is king. You want to stay away from the same styles and just explore the world of print in a way that will make you happy. Country decorating doesn’t have to be too cluttered or over the top and neither does it have to be minimalist. To keep the room as focused as possible, contrast is the way to go.

Wall Art

Regardless of what decorating style you choose for your home, visiting an exhibition of modern art can always be stimulating to the eye. Again, the key is to focus on one art and let it be the focal point of the room. If you’re looking for something a little bit edgier, check out your home museum.

Colors That Ooz

When in doubt, leave it to your personality, your hobbies and artistic drive. Every element in your home should represent something you love and want to see again. These colors are perfect as the focus on the room. They bring in bold accents and they enhance the room’s visual appeal.

Cool Tubs

For a bohemian touch go for a cool tub, filled with organic material. Keeping it one inch higher than the walls gives the illusion of more space and allowing the air to flow through, this tub gives you a whole new perspective on the space.

Light Fixtures

A dark, cooler room will work better with a light fixture that is warm but not too crazy or dramatic. As long as you can balance the brightness, your decor will always end up on the brighter side.

Antique Pieces

Antique pieces not only add dimension to the room, but they also bring a sense of history and style to your home. Keep your decor flowing with antique accents. Whether you want to paint a Grandmother’s chandelier, or antique furniture, it will end up being the focus of the room.

Add a Laundry Room

When you don’t have much free time, getting a laundry room is considered a major item in the making. It’s not just for closets, it’s a great way to nurture a home for those who love to cook and then easy to clean.

Ready to take the decorating even further? These are just a few ideas to make your house the place where you want to come back to. Which of these is your favorite? Please share with us in the comments below.