When you have kids you always wish you could arrange the house so that you could create a soothing place where you can relax and feel comfortable. Most of the times, the best place for relaxation is somewhere in the house, usually, in the bedroom. The bedroom is the place where you can most relaxing and calm. Kids usually like to sleep a lot more, so they should be grateful to the designers who have thought of all their needs.

Here are some ideas of bedrooms decorated using the above principles. In order to create a relaxing and warm place, you should use soft and friendly colors, pleasant textures and fabrics, maybe some wood for the floors and furniture. You should also be careful to use good natural light.

As you can see from the pictures, kids like to sleep a lot tighter to the walls, with their heads pressed to the opposing wall. By the time they are too much sleepy, they get sleepy and then it is difficult to decide whether they want to make coffee or any other break.

Also, one of the best things to do for your kids is to make them have a private area where they can sleep and play. They need the privacy so this is the best place to put a desk, a chair or anywhere else they want to. Usually, the adults get bored easily, especially if they are not so patient and keep asking for more and more space. So they choose the opposite direction for their own play.

In the first picture you can see a blue and white nook for the headboard, a nook for the bassinet, a bed for the sleepover, a place for resting a toy and all sorts of toys.

In the second picture you can see a bedroom for twins with a dresser and bedside tables, a wardrobe for linens and even a bathroom, a laundry room and a playroom.

In third set you can see the bedroom for children with a desk, a chair, a table and some toys.In fourth set you can see the bedroom for teenagers or for the guests.

In fifth set you can see the bedroom for a single person, a bathroom, the dresser or a work table, a study or any other such room.If you add some black or turquoise accessories, a black and white wallpaper or fun accessories you can show them their own style and even their favorite music or movies.{found on DOMA}