The ceiling is the missing link in the room of any home, especially in the bedroom. The ceiling, regardless of its dimensions, has a great impact on the atmosphere, and if you want to create a romantic but not with boring atmosphere, you should use textured ceiling decorations. The ceiling is also known as the ceiling light. This design by Serralunga might be the key for creating a unique lighting look for your space. The ceiling is the important part that helps create the visual impression of a new level. This design merges with the ceiling, the design itself is changed by the depth of the glass border, which accomplishes that needs no adjustment.

The lighting effect does not depend on the style of the interior space, it is obtained from the light colour of the paint, which brightens and lighting effect is given by the lamp shade, which through its light acts on the ceiling, with its light colour gives to the entire ceiling an artistic impression.

This ceiling lighting effect is obtained by painting the inner surface of the ceiling by Serralunga, using a gentle infill –style brush.

The detail is only an artistic interpretation of the detail of the structure that does not require any fixing.