Architecture Ideas Worth Sharing

Wallpaper Ceiling Light By Serralunga

The ceiling is the missing link in the room of any home, especially in the bedroom. The ceiling, regardless of its dimensions, has a great impact on the atmosphere, and if you want to create a romantic but not with […]

Feature Wall Bedroom By May Rainong

Feature wall is a private home located in Taipei, Taiwan. It was designed by May Rainong. Feature wall by May Rainong: “Of the apartment population in small urban areas, the percentage of homes with secondary rooms is also small, which […]

Black White Curtains

The basic element of interior design doesn’t always represents a certain style, not that it isn’t or that it doesn’t. It’s all about the way you integrate elements from different styles and colors, realizing how they work together and form […]

Wallpaper Headboards

If you’re bored of seeing the same shades of colour come together and still you feel the need to add a touch of some colour here and there, then you are not alone. Let’s take the example of a very […]

Shower Curtain Pattern By Giacomo Brunussi

A shower curtain changes everything, no matter what the design is. Even the most unconventionally-shaped ones that are eye-catching and interesting tend to lose their striking ability when they get out of proportion. But that’s not a problem for the […]

Wallpapered Powder Room By SANE

Japanese architectural firm SANE has created the Wallpapered Powder Room in Shiryu, Shiro. Completed in 2011, this 1,032 square foot contemporary powder room features a powder room with a ceiling height of just 3.6 feet, and possesses a unique black […]

Blue Grey Curtains For The Windows

Turn a dull room into a little more colorful and cheerful with some nice curtains. They can be a great choice because first of all they will change the atmosphere and they will create a connection between that area and […]