Japanese architectural firm SANE has created the Wallpapered Powder Room in Shiryu, Shiro.

Completed in 2011, this 1,032 square foot contemporary powder room features a powder room with a ceiling height of just 3.6 feet, and possesses a unique black wood ceiling and three different light-emitting diodes; a lavender light fills the middle room creating a unique atmosphere.

The modern powder room features a wallpapered ceiling, a unique feature that is emphasized by the ceiling height and level of natural light in the space.

Shiro Uchiah House by SANE:

“This is a powder room of about 120m2. It has a ceiling height of 3.6m and a unique atmosphere that can be obtained only by consulting a fairy tale. Through the use of a white ceiling and light-emitting diodes (LEDs), the ceiling can be enlightened and its air can be cleaned every morning. The ceiling-cleaning feature is appealing to all the visitors. It is recommended that the guests should take a bath while looking at the ceiling.

This magic system that operates all the household appliances is operated by the help of the help button too. The place where tea, coffee, dough, sugar and milk are prepared is on the second floor. The room where movie is projected shows the ceiling and light is reflected on the ceiling. In certain places the ceiling light is functioning independently from the light coming from the light-emitting diodes. The idea of the experiment was to use a simple, bare ceiling to allow the experiment to run free. With a bare ceiling and a light that comes from outside, the air cleaning system can be used without any equipment.

Thus, can be easily controlled how many cleanings and how much energy is put in the room. A magic system of three different automatic responses is used by the user. In this case the response “Home”, “Space” and “Water” are separated by using the different colours that are on the lighter coloured dial. The function of the dial is to make the temperature of the air inside the room depend on the colour of the dial. On the bottom category is the automatic behaviour activates or it controls the temperature of the air automatically. “One step at a time”, “one step at a time”, “one step at a time”, “one step at a side” are the examples for the dial. The name of the dial is a magic word and means much more than “one step at a side”. It means that the air is checked from all sides and receives a different treatment from each time it is analysed. The dial can be used as a thermostat, a monitor, a motion detector, a light-sensor, a series of colour-colour light maps and so on.

All these systems are brought together boasting a wonderful eco-technology. All the data acquired from the mobile phones can be analysed into the storage of a memory of 8 by 8 bytes or 8 by 8 mm files. A wireless connection can be established, either through the defence wall plug or through the attacker’s, so that the alarm is fully possible.

RAM model radios act as a main traffic calming tool. They are mini wireless power stations where to stick the radio, which is the only visible one. The television set is played shows on the radio. The comfortable position of the television set is, that one can sit comfortably on the sofa.

The whole furniture set can be adjusted to suit various places. The range of drawers is also suited to various applications. The hinged front bench on the bench can be lifted from the ceiling low enough for television playback and horizontal monitor picture. The same bench can also be lifted from the wall behind the TV set tilt. The lift power is available in three different vistas: Pasture, wild fish and wild game.”

Photos courtesy of Saneccio Leite