The basic element of interior design doesn’t always represents a certain style, not that it isn’t or that it doesn’t. It’s all about the way you integrate elements from different styles and colors, realizing how they work together and form a harmonious composition. The basic idea is that they are simple and useful. If you’re not creative enough to design your own curtains, then find an accessory or an accessory that can help you.

The bedroom.

Black White Curtains Photo 2

Black is a strong color and it can be used when you’re trying to create a relaxing and calm atmosphere. It would be a very good choice for the bedroom. You want the décor to be serene and tranquil but without being boring and monotonous. But by not being too simple it would lose its charm.

The living room.

Black White Curtains Photo 4

In the living room, black accent pieces would be very helpful. It would be a nice way of adding a little drama and creativity to the room. You can also use black and red or different other colors for a little contrast.

The bathroom.

A black shower curtain or some black and white rugs would also be great additions to the bathroom. It would make the décor seem less austere and it would also be a nice way of creating a focal point without using colors.

The entryway.

You can make your entryway feel less austere by opting for a black shower curtain. It would look both dramatic and elegant. It would also help if the curtain was black and white.

Black shutters.

Even though black is a neutral and only a little bit dark, a black shutters would make a wonderful addition to the bedroom or bathroom. They would look beautiful if arranged in a random grid.

Black stairs.

Another great way of introducing an accent color into the décor is with black stairwell railings. They would be simple and elegant if not be so elaborate that they would lack style.