We all know how difficult it can be to find a spacious bedroom from among so many other ones. It’s even more difficult when you also have to deal with limited floor space and, in most cases, you either try to find a unused room and to start af sleep or to demolish the house. It’s the case of a young couple that decided to move in a London house.

The owners were trying to find a small empty space in the middle of their beautiful home and they decided to choose for a single bedroom the solution found in this unusual arrangement.The bedroom is a half-floor room and it also has a bathroom. The upper level also houses a study, a bathroom and an open kitchen.

The only restriction the new bedroom still faces is that it has to be a queen-sized bed. This actually poses problems as sleeping is very important in this case and usually the owners or the users of this apartment find an unconventional solution. It’s actually interesting how the bathroom and the bedroom are located next to one another and yet they seem to blend well and it’s a very inspiring idea actually.