black is not a very popular color in the bedroom. It is usually associated with neutrals and not a bold shade. Nevertheless, black is a very beautiful and elegant color, which is sometimes overwhelming. However, sometimes it can be a bold color which makes a nice accent detail. So here are some tips that will help you create a nice black bedroom design.

First of all, you should consider painting the walls black. This is a great idea especially if you like to have a clean, airy design in your bedroom. Then you should consider to get the right amount of natural light in there. You need to have large windows and ceiling high ceilings. This will create a more airy and large look.

Black Bedroom Design Ideas Photo 2

If you don’t want the bed and everything that stays inside to bother anyone, you can hide everything inside with closed cabinet doors. This way the design will be neat and nobody will notice that it’s not a very good idea. The pictures here show a bed covered with brown texture and a headboard covered with the same texture.

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A great idea for small bedrooms is to use feathered shades. You can either get black or white feathered shades. Make sure you don’t have any dark curtains matching the bedding. You can also get some feathered wallpaper for the walls.

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If you like French country décor, here’s something that you might like. It’s a decor based on shades of red and white and it’s something you can put in the bedroom as a duvet replacement or as a focal point.

There are also other ways in which you can make the bedroom look cozy. For example, the patterned area rug will make the room look more inviting and you can also use the pattern of the rug or the bedding. As for the first step, get some comfortable furniture, get some cozy pillows and even some seats.

And that’s about it. As you can see, the black and white combination is timeless and can be adapted to a variety of other decors. The other shades are just accent pieces or can be the components of a beautiful décor, such as the one featured here.