This is a set of four small but very beautiful bronze barn doors from Innermost. The four doors are only used in a single location, at the site of the breakfast nook in the kitchen. However, they can be distributed throughout the house, in almost all the rooms. The four doors are connected by a solid iron bar which in turn is appliqued by an iron wall and so that the four doors fld neatly together forming a secure lock.

The modern design of the door contrasts with the vintage look of the bronze. The bronze and zinc combine to produce a very beautiful and elegant look. The house is located in Prague, Czech Republic and it was designed by Innermost. It’s a very inviting home, a garden gets the same treatment.

The interior of the house is functionally divided. There are several separate rooms that include an entrance hall, a large kitchen, a garage, a patio, an entrance hall and a bathroom. They all have large floor-to-ceiling windows, a large wall-mounted fireplace and inviting decors. The details and decorations are a very nice addition, especially on the living room where they almost double the visual impact.

Pantry Barn Doors By Innermost Photo 3