Architecture Ideas Worth Sharing

The Leather Wall Mounted Coffee Table

Space is always a problem, that huge empty space in your house that nobody uses or even bothers to take care of. That is why furniture designers turned their attention to the most useful and comfortable pieces of furniture and […]

Wheeled Coffee Table By Morten Georgsen

Combining the sheen of textile or leather and the shape of a wood, the Dutch designer Morten Georgsen creates a unique interpretation of the decorative plaster. He uses a special technique to bond the plaster to the tiles, with a […]

Shibori Patterns By Kisegi Design

When you are a Japanese designer you don’t really pay much attention to the details, except the master bedroom and the bathroom. It’s why they all look so simple and bright. However, it’s very important to create a pleasant and […]

Space Saver Desk By Axel Bjurdström

The Space saver desk is a very simple but very clever storage solution that allows you to turn your small workspace or even the home office into a very comfortable and airy area. The desk is designed by Axel Bjurdström […]

Pantry Barn Doors By Innermost

This is a set of four small but very beautiful bronze barn doors from Innermost. The four doors are only used in a single location, at the site of the breakfast nook in the kitchen. However, they can be distributed […]

Bed Wheels By Sunavoli Furniture

Well, this is new and very interesting. Bed wheels are not something you see every day. This is something more than a simple furniture piece. It’s a symbol of the future and everything in this case represents an indicator of […]