Space is always a problem, that huge empty space in your house that nobody uses or even bothers to take care of. That is why furniture designers turned their attention to the most useful and comfortable pieces of furniture and gave like this leather wall mounted coffee table. It is a nice and modern solution for that crowd who likes to spend a lot of time in their living room watching TV or playing board games and never get bored of it.

Also, I noticed the fact that it is made from solid oak wood and that makes it strong and durable in the kitchen where you have to eat and drink coffee brewed coffee brewed in there. I know that some people prefer wooden furniture, but I advise them to make sure to buy a piece that is also made of wood because it is more resistant and it will last longer. Any way, this wooden coffee table is actually a normal coffee table that is afterwards placed in a wooden box that is actually the support for the coffee table itself and not some fancy new table, made by TV studios. You can purchase this item on West Elm for $249.