When someone wants to change something around their home that is specifically the dresser it is usually very easy but when the makeover is a little more complicated there are usually even more challenges. For example this vanity dresser made in the 70’s was not a very good state. It needed lots of repairs and it still needed attention.The fact that it needed some changes wasn’t that easy either. The designer first decided that it’s better to give it a makeover in order to make it look more modern and chic. It didn’t take long for that to happen and the vanity got a new look, one that matches the new look.

The first step was covering the drawers with some synthetic rubber. That didn’t really solve the problem. After covering them with a layer of glue and sanding they got better and better. This took a lot of time and effort from the client. It wasn’t easy but in the end the designer managed to create a fairly good result. It’s a lovely place to call home.{found on designsponge}.