The Space saver desk is a very simple but very clever storage solution that allows you to turn your small workspace or even the home office into a very comfortable and airy area. The desk is designed by Axel Bjurdström and it has a very compact look. It’s a 7.5 square meters shelf that allows you either left the room to display or store things. It’s the perfect solution for dealing with space problems and it also allows the user to save time and space without having to sacrifice anything.

The Space saver desk allows you to turn your tiny workspace into a very comfortable area that will be like a second home. The idea is very smart because, besides having a clever and functional storage space, the desk also has other features such as an adjustable height that allows you to work in a different way, a monitor that orrostically adjustable levels and a door that can reveal the area if necessary.

The desk has a simple design and a modern look. It’s made of wood and it has an attractive light-colored finish that would look good in both traditional and modern homes as well as in modern offices. The desk can be purchased at the price of $99. It comes in three different colors: light oak, white and charcoal. The top rack can be folded in order to save space. It’s a simple and clever solution.