Architecture Ideas Worth Sharing

Fold Out Table By Tristan Selva

I’m sure you’re all looking forward to spending more time outside and, even if you weren’t, the weather would be starting to improve because it’s almost winter and the days are longer. So you should probably take advantage of those […]

Closet Mirror By Marc Thasphemy

Closet mirror by Marc Thasphemy is a unique project that allows you to transform the space under your bedroom into a very practical and functional room, where you can store and display all your accessories. It adds space between each […]

Kitchen Barn Door By Benoît DHA

Inspired by the idea of a barn, the ‘Bavaria’ door was designed by Benoît DHA for alkmaleinante jewellery company Alkmaz. Inspired by a large barn, the door is made from European oak wood and central European oak veneer. It comes […]

Medicine Cabinet Ideas

When we think of a standard kitchen cabinet, we all have in mind the same thing: a big, rigid piece of furniture that makes our life harder by locking us into thermal discomfort. But how about something different, something that […]

Space Saver Desk By Axel Bjurdström

The Space saver desk is a very simple but very clever storage solution that allows you to turn your small workspace or even the home office into a very comfortable and airy area. The desk is designed by Axel Bjurdström […]

Pantry Barn Doors By Innermost

This is a set of four small but very beautiful bronze barn doors from Innermost. The four doors are only used in a single location, at the site of the breakfast nook in the kitchen. However, they can be distributed […]

Bathtub Storage Vanity

Bathtub storage area is a space which can be placed on the wall or in the middle of the bathroom wall. It is a space which can be created artificially, according to the needs and preferences of the satisfied customers. […]

Ceiling Spot Light By La Siesta

Lighting is a very important aspect when decorating your home. It may even be the one the devil has played a key role in creating your final décor. However, at the core of any room is the ceiling and it’s […]