Having a small bathroom is not always OK. This one is quite annoying in this sense. The usual bench with storage underneath looks nice and even though there’s not much room for it, the space seems to be enough for that. However, the design doesn’t always allow it to be that way. Here’s a clever alternative: a small bathroom bench with storage.

The bench is small and fits perfectly in that tiny space between the toilet and the shower. The storage space is cleverly integrated into the design and it can be sued either for storage or for a more practical use like when you’re taking a nap or when you need something to calm down while reading a book or watching your favorite movie. The bench is made of wood and has a simple and versatile design. It’s available in three different colors: light blue, green and stainless.

Small Bathroom Bench With Built-in Storage Photo 2

The bench is small and comfortable, and it would make a nice addition to most small bathrooms. The overall dimensions of the bench are 5? x 5? x 5? and it’s available for purchase for EUR 155.34. It only comes in one model and one dimension. You can use it in the bathroom, on the toilet or in the bedroom, maybe as a second bed. Whatever you need it for.