When furnishing your home there are lots of things to take into consideration but the desk seems to be the most important part. Almost all the furniture you see in the house is designed by some company. For example, your desk should be something to take into consideration, like a multifunctional piece or maybe something you simply need. Creating such a desk is not that simple.

The desk features in this case a combination of black and brushed oak plans which match very well both in terms of dimensions and in terms of design. It’s a construction based on stability and durability and it has a simple and modern design, both great for a modern home and also for offices, given its double function. The desk features plenty of storage space, either hidden or uncovered. It has metal legs and a compact design and features a turn button with a marble top. It’s made of solid oak. You can buy this item for $80.00.

Craft Desk Storage In Black And Brushed Oak Plans Photo 3