When you’re sitting in the kitchen and every once in a while you need a little pick me up. Usually I need a pick me up that I can take with me when I go shopping for produce. But there’s also a different situation when you have a small kid.

The most common problem in the kitchen when you have a small kid is the space between the refrigerator and the window. The solution in this case would be to have pickling. This way you can squeeze whatever you need in the shelf and in no time your pickling will be ready. Of course, this only applies when the shelves are fully drawn.In any case, here are a few ideas of how you can make a small shelf look larger in order to squeeze as much storage space as you can.

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This living room designed by Elizabeth Arvelano is the perfect example. Even though it’s small and narrow, it has lots of storage spaces, even on this shelf. First the shelf was entirely covered in wood and was used to display and store children’s toys and games. The stuffed animals and the books fit perfectly in there.

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Having a small shelf is great because you can use it to display things on and to store and store all sorts of items on the bottom part. In this case there’s also more storage space on that half of the shelf.{found on theharpsterhome}.

This design is a bit more complex. First the shelf had to be cut into a rectangular piece that could be used as a table for example. The rest of the woodwork was painted white and this way the shelf/tables blend in more easily.

Develop and Artist choose a project they’ve worked with personally. They then decided it would be the perfect read and end result for the project. This way the kids can take a break from reading and become more creative or actually help a fellow member take the final steps.

Sometimes the best way to make something simple is to not try to make it something complicated but to leave it plain and simple. So if you have some leftover wood pieces after you’re done making this lovely desk, don’t throw out the pieces and start over.