An office or work space needs to be, first of all, practical and functional. Still, this doesn’t mean that the whole décor needs to be white. You can still create a unique décor even with a different choice of colors. Black is a very strong and dark color so it would be wise to combine with bright colors such as green, red or orange if you wish to create a more modern work environment. But black is also a neutral color and it can be used in combination with bright colors and even some soft pastels.

The Item and Short office furniture collection reveals a great mix of black and white and includes a variety of pieces like desks, chairs, desks or shelves. All the pieces are made of ash wood and are perfectly functional. They have simple designs, they have functional legs and because of their black finish they look very elegant and even sophisticated. They come in two variants: natural and black. Also, Item & Short items are available only in authentic USA framing.

If you wish to update your office or home office with a more youthful touch you can choose this collection of black furniture. The pieces are available in natural cherry, cherry, natural oak, blackened ash, grey oak and walnut veneer. The collection includes several office furniture collections plus a series of shelving and storage pieces.

Black Trim Office Furniture From Item & Short Photo 3