Architecture Ideas Worth Sharing

Modern Handrail Design

The project named “Sweeney” which was presented at the annual design show in London, was a very very interesting one for a variety of reasons. First of all, the handrail does not seem to be pre-installed. That’s because it can […]

Space Saver Desk By Axel Bjurdström

The Space saver desk is a very simple but very clever storage solution that allows you to turn your small workspace or even the home office into a very comfortable and airy area. The desk is designed by Axel Bjurdström […]

Stair Light Fixture By Antonio Lupi

Lighting fixtures are one of the most important features in any home, it is essential to have a proper functioning of the lights to prevent dark spaces. The lighting fixtures should be selected from the line of modern lighting fixtures […]

Decorative Bookshelf By Ruegg

This decorative bookshelf is part of a small collection called “A” that is driven by the same creator (an inter-disciplinary artist based in Berlin). The “A” bookshelf is made of over 4,500 flexible metal trays arranged in a line to […]

Sleigh Bed Plans For Kids Room

Kids like to sleep in their rooms that’s why modern and contemporary bedroom have huge nightstands and huge beds that are also great for storing clothes and toys. Most kids bedroom have a platform bed. Well, kids don’t necessarily mean […]

Discount Drawer Pull By Anny Hayes

Every kitchen needs a drawer pull. It’s such a basic item and yet it manages to become a beautiful accent detail. The drawer pull symbolizes that the beauty of this item is in its simplicity and not any more. Whatever […]