This decorative bookshelf is part of a small collection called “A” that is driven by the same creator (an inter-disciplinary artist based in Berlin). The “A” bookshelf is made of over 4,500 flexible metal trays arranged in a line to form 3 copies of a linear layout. Every shelf space available is calculated according to the amount of storage space you need, and in order to give them the desired look, every detail is essential.

Artist working in Berlin and Barcelona, Ruegg endowed his self-created bookshelf with the artistic patina that allows it to turn greenery into a central feature of the interior. Every shelf space creates a contrast between the liquid form and the wood that is put in between them. By destroying and recycling the trees, the designer makes space for the plants to regrow and become part of the garden in a symbiosis with the urban forest.

A number of the discarded trees were cut and pulled out of the interior wall of the bookshelf space, allowing the inner space to create a reading nook by day, while by night the wall of the room represents a covered terrace or an outdoor room.

Decorative Bookshelf By Ruegg Photo 3

Photos by: Paul Wurowski via Dezeen