Architecture Ideas Worth Sharing

Modern Bed Designs From La Fontana

La Fontana, a French company known as“the bed.” We all know how a bed should look like, and La Fontana knows how to create one. Their motto is “the bed is the centerpiece of the room and the entire décor […]

Kitchen Pantrys By AR Design Studio

The Pantheon apartment in Kraków, Poland was designed by the Polish design firm AR Design Studio. The space is divided into a kitchen and a dining room, and has an elegant open design that could be described as a rustic […]

Shibori Patterns By Kisegi Design

When you are a Japanese designer you don’t really pay much attention to the details, except the master bedroom and the bathroom. It’s why they all look so simple and bright. However, it’s very important to create a pleasant and […]

Polka Dot Decal Tiles By Kim Simonsen

Pattern is something everyone loves. We’ve shown you a bunch of colorful and cool-looking designs and we’re now back with another one, this time in black and white. As you can see, the tiles are painted in a single color […]

Cool Office Ideas For Teen Boys And Girls

Teenagers or even adults looking for a casual, comfortable and practical way to learn and explore their fascinating personalities and their inner style can sometimes find remote areas of their home to be idle, unreasonate and boring. An office, for […]

Girl Teenagers Bedrooms Design Ideas

Most of the girls’ bedrooms are designed with the same focus on comfort and practicality as the master rooms. They tend to follow the same pattern of simplicity and practicality. However, this doesn’t mean they are the only option. Most […]

Modern Kitchen Remodel

Janet Gustafson of Gustafsson Design, Inc. sent us photos of a kitchen remodeled in 2010. This particular kitchen was in extreme need of some work. The place had been over decorated in the past, and it was outdated and dark. […]

Loft In Brooklyn By Min Theory

It seems that there’s no shortage of modern and stylish apartments or houses with skylights or big glass windows. However, haven’t you noticed that there’s a trend in building homes that have skylights or even in windows. The solution for […]