Pattern is something everyone loves. We’ve shown you a bunch of colorful and cool-looking designs and we’re now back with another one, this time in black and white. As you can see, the tiles are painted in a single color which adds a new cool touch to the whole project. There are several different shapes and sizes to choose from. You can freehand the entire design and make each tile unique and special. You can also mark spots at the center for each size and shape and you can use tape to make it match the rest of the decor. You can find more details about this project on instructables.

There’s another really cool design that we really want to share with you today. It’s this striped Christmas tree tile design featured on decorandthedog. It’s an unusual idea and we also find it very cute. There’s a lot more to this design than just the black and white combination. This is includes tiny hints of color such as the different shades of green used here.

Polka Dot Decal Tiles By Kim Simonsen Photo 2

Some tiles, the least popular of all, are actually designed to make your bathroom look like a spa. The decors featured here are all designed to make the room feel warm and inviting so why not pick a style that best reflects that. We have a lot of cool ideas that might help. Check out these delicate snowflake designs and these charming white Christmas patterns.

Polka Dot Decal Tiles By Kim Simonsen Photo 3

There’s plenty to be inspired by when it comes to minimalist interior design and you can definitely do a lot with a lot of materials. Check out this stylish bathroom which has a shower with a glass door and a white frame. It’s just what a spa needs.

A Scandinavian bathroom might not be the best option for a focus of such a strong color but it’s definitely very inspiring and beautiful. We particularly enjoy the snowy white walls and the way in which they help create an overall fresh and simple ambiance.

What about a white subway tile shower? It’s the color of the future and it would look extremely stylish and Craft House proves that with this design. Overall, the shower is as simple as it can be and the white tiles help it blend it into the decor even more.

What an amazing design! This shower convinies you to decorate your bathroom. The blue pixels give it a very high-end look, especially with that beautiful chandelier hanging above it and the white and gold details that go perfectly with it. Check out more like this by visiting his studio HERE.

What if you can’t decide on a single style you want for your bathroom? Well, then you should choose one. It could be industrial, eclectic or bohemian. This right here is a nice example which illustrates this style and also has some great tips for how to decorate the space.

Love the idea of a vertical shower but worried about giving up on the idea of a long and narrow bathroom? You don’t have to be. There’s a simple and ingenious way to deal with the problem using wall-mounted hooks. These little things can sit in plain sight and you can hide them, conceal them and organize them however you want. Find out more about this whole idea and the plans on jakandjil.

A really cute idea is to have a bench with a storage module placed underneath and to put up a shower curtain and a seat cushion on top. This way you can hide your tub and shower setup and you can use the bench in combination with storage boxes, shelves or cubbies which you can store under the bench. Check out cravenbee for additional inspiration.